Antidote Summer 2019
Antidote Summer 2019

Antidote Summer 2019

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Entirely shot by the young Georgian photographer Davit Giorgadze, whose early talent is expressed through a remarkable visual poetry, this new issue of Antidote: SURVIVAL focuses on the solutions available to us to fight against injustices, to resist the hardships our societies are going through and building a sustainable future. He is interested in architects and urban planners striving to shape their urban utopias able to cope with climate change, while looking at the new ways of life that celebrate the slow life, and the saving virtues of a slowdown become necessary in the era of instantaneity.

Antidote: Survival draws a series of landmarks, complemented by the inspiring journeys of such personalities as the young London rapper Octavian, who fought to get out of the street before breaking into music, Beyoncé and his anthem "I" "Survivor", praising his own resilience at a time when Destiny's Child was in turmoil, or the contemporary artist Hessie, at the origin of "Survival Art".

The fight for the durability they celebrate also imposes itself in fashion, the journalist and documentary filmmaker Loïc Prigent whose irony served the prolific career, on which he returns in a river interview, Chanel committing to preserve the craftsmanship of the Métiers d'Art. Not to mention the revival of famous houses that have fallen out of fashion, have been revived and modernized thanks to the creative visions of new designers combined with bold marketing. Because survival is above all a story of adaptation, metamorphosis and renewal.


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