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1 LEA CAMPBELL Lea Explores the ways in which humans inhabit their world, with a particular interest in freedom, belonging and intimacy”
2 SAFFIA SEY Saffia is a multidisciplinary mixed media artist. After experimenting with different medians, she accidentally started doing graphic design after dropping out of uni, taking inspiration from graffiti art, screen printing and documentary photography.
3 CRAIC MAG Craic is an image-based online and print title championing Irish culture, identity and heritage in Northern Ireland. This ongoing body of work draws upon a combination of personal and cultural references, including place, people, heritage and memory associated with Northern Ireland and James’ upbringing.
4 MARIO VESELINOV Mario is a illustrator with my focus being drawing and digital transformation. When working he likes to use bold colours  to create otherworldly visuals. 
5 HANNAH ASHDOWN Hannah is a Graphic Design and Art
Direction student interested in people, reactions and movement. Her current work looks at incorporating integrated social design and biophilic elements.
These pieces use Formalism to deconstruct the phrase 'run to the shops.
The resulting element is used to create the typography used in these compositions.
6 GIOVANNI UCHE Giovanni Uche, Nigerian born British visual artist. He is versatile beginning their career as an illustrator he has since expanded into costume making, social art, and print. Their work seamlessly blends visual storytelling with intricate political commentary, while also engaging communities through thought-provoking social art projects.

The piece: Live derealisation 2024, the piece explores the artists experience with the existential in a cosmic sense
7 AIDAN PEAT Aidan Peat (b. Coventry, UK) is a multidisciplinary designer based in London. His time is spent trawling internet archives to regurgitate digital artworks with playful palettes and noisy textures.

Elements of the artworks cite archival imagery sourced from ‘Oh! PC’ a monthly Japanese tech magazine, launched in 1982, during the rising popularity of personal computers.




‘Rocky’ I realised after exploring my practice and my preferred ways of working, that I tend to make life harder for myself. I find, challenging myself creates the best outcomes. The refinement process is much more evident and explorative when I have overcome issues and jumped through hoops I’ve set for myself. This print is a response to my creative tendencies to take the most difficult, ambitious path, similar to Rocky. My university tutor referred to me as the ‘Rocky’ student, and it stuck with me.


Amy is a British born, East Asian, multidisciplinary creative, currently refining my practice in print and publication. She specialise in illustration and graphic design, currently studying at London College of Communication and working alongside the Nigerian Artist Slawn. She is  strongly influenced by her own personal experiences, and cultural heritage, as family and community is her highest value, often reflected in the work she has been producing.

9 HENRY O'MAHONEY Henry is a Midlands based artists heavily focuing on the political onside pop art/comic influences. 
10 MILES HUMPHRIES Miles Humphries, 20 year photographer from the West Midlands, shooting artists on 25mm film, including Wesley Joseph, Jorja Smith, and Lancey Faux ( will hopefully have more by the exibition )
11 GRACE CLIFFORD Grace Clifford (b. 2000, Birmingham)  uses the found object, metal work, and methods usually recognisable with trade to highlight artistic labour and non-artistic labour while exploring her identity, heritage and experience.
12 SERIAL THRILLA Serial thrilla's work t derives from the punk and alternative subculture, They like to show grace to flyers, album covers and posters whilst rejecting the traditional black and white theme.
13 96.chsa Ash is a Birmingham based documentary photographer focusing on pretty much anything n everything on 35mm.