Q&A with the Ede Store owner Eve Williams

So... How did Ede store start?

I first tried natural skincare on a whim when I had acne in 2016 and had nothing to lose. I got instant results and that’s really where the roots of ede came from. I began making our ‘needs must face oil’ for myself to keep my acne under control, if I ever ran out, it would come back within the week. So really, I had to start ede so I’d have a lifetime of stock and here we are. That’s why it got its name ‘needs must’, I can’t live without it. A lot has been going on in the background since then and we officially launched our ede range at the beginning of this year.

What are the main key elements of your products?

The use of organic and natural ingredients is essential in our products. Each ingredient we use is studied and handpicked for its benefits for the mind and body which is why we work with trusted suppliers who source Soil Association certified plant materials from organic farming. Our approach to skincare and wellness is holistic so we want that process to begin at the seed. Each ingredient we use is studied and handpicked for its benefits for the mind and body so it is important that all our products are both organically grown and vegan.

Has it been hard trying to grow the brand during 2020 (and all its problems).

I don’t usually get to work full time on ede so lockdown for me has really been a blessing. My studio is at home, so everything I need is here. Having only launched this year, we’re not expecting overnight growth but this time has been invaluable to see what can happen when we have more energy to put into sharing our message and building a community. I think we are all searching for new methods of self-care for our personal routines at this unprecedented time *eyeroll*, whatever that looks like to the individual. 2020 has really been an invaluable opportunity for people to get to know our brand and learn about our mission.

What are your inspirations for the company?

Self-care and self-help are huge pillars to the reasons why we exist. As a project, our mission is to redefine the practice of aromatherapy in a way that speaks to us, on our levelAromatherapy can be a great vehicle for self-care, so I wanted ede products to be an option for those who may be missing out on the benefits of this healing method. I hope that our products speak with individuality and inspire people to consider alternative practices of wellbeing. One of the ways we set out to do this is to inspire people to create daily self-help/care routines around their ede products rather than just looking to them as a function, to help improve their everyday lives.

What are your plans for the brand of the future?

My plan is to keep an open mind and to continue learning. I’d love to build a community that trusts us and what we’re setting out to achieve and turn the project into a platform for positive mental health advocacy. Helping people discover the brand and simultaneously discovering alternative methods of self-care. We’ll always be revising our processes and looking into ways that we can improve our project for both the environment and our community.


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