Q&A with Sarah Small of Sazquatch

So how did it all get start?
I learnt how to knit a couple of years ago but wanted to get back into it early this year, so tried knitting a bally. I then knit some ballys for a shoot but left it there because my day job is hectic. Then lockdown came and I had all this time to knit again.
What are your inspirations for the designs?
I have a huge folder of references(from things i've seen in books to a swirl in a not chocolate from Starbucks that I recently made into a design on a bally). I also take custom orders so people come to me with their own references.
Do you feel like DIY masks are important in this current climate?
It's cool to see so many people use their skills to create something useful in this climate.
What music are you listening to right now when you make the masks
I've just learnt I can knit without looking so watching loads of movies. Have been watching loads of Sofia Coppola interviews.
How have you found it trying to create whilst in isolation?
It's been pretty good. I've always found making cathartic so knitting is defo keeping me going at the moment. It's also a process that doesn't require interaction with others(I order yarn online and make everything by hand), so it's not hindered by isolation.
Where do you see the project/brand going?
I just want to make good stuff for good people! Really loving making things for my friends. There's one person I really want to make a bally for. Figuring out how to get to her...

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