Q&A with Samuel Eckert

We spoke to Samuel Eckert about his work and how it all started.

What's inspiring you right now? 

Currently, the stuff inspiring me are the Flags from Fante people of Ghana , Ugly Belgian houses and my city (Pantin) in France. 

You have a really specific style in your work, how did it come about?

Quite naturally, our paths crossed in the street and we became friends.

What is your creative process like?

Usually, it starts by playing with the world around me and drawings on my sketchbook every day, then at some point I find a link and hang up some ideas to make a series or build a story.

What's your favourite design you've worked on in the past few years?

I really enjoyed collaborating with dazed and confused Korea last summer. It allowed me to start playing with my illustrations alongside and fashion imagery. 

What advice would you give to someone going into the design field?

I would give the advice in three words. Enthusiasm, perseverance and lightness. These words are the basis for how I grew in my field.

What are you listening to right now? (maybe send across a playlist or album via Spotify)

I'm currently listening to Le vrai michel ( michel en illimité ) / Red axes ( Papa Sooma ) / Le crime paie ( Lunatic ). 

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