Q&A with Ryan Evans

From 9-5 Ryan Evans works as an art director at luxury clothier Boyds in centre city Philadelphia… At night Ryan pursues artistic and creative projects by combining digital & analogue printing techniques to express his point of view.

What's inspiring you right now? (This can be anything e.g films, music, other designers)

I love watching movies and I’m pretty much open to watching anything at least once, the weirder the better honestly. I find that strange movies have the ability to jostle creative ideas loose for me.

Recently I downloaded The Criterion Channel and I’ve been watching tons of old movies. One of my recent favorites was a David Cronenberg movie called “The Brood”. A 1970s movie where a divorced woman’s pain and anger manifests into violent little monsters. A gory, heady movie for sure!

You have a really specific style in your work, how did it come about?

Thank you! I have always been a huge fan of skate graphics from the 90’s and hippie/flower child graphics from the 60s. Things like vintage t-shirts, skateboard decks, truck bumper stickers, and what not. I started to make illustrations and typographic pieces where I consciously tried to mash all of these things I loved together to create a timeless aesthetic that could potentially speak to different people of all ages. With the ripped paper style, I want my work to feel like a note that passed to you. Something that feels handmade, even in a cold digital world where my viewer doesn’t know me. I want them to feel like they do.

What is your creative process like? 

I will jot an idea down in my notepad app on my phone, whether its an idea for an illustration or just a phrase. I’ll take that then start to play in Illustrator or Photoshop. Once I have a designed piece I feel good about, I’ll print it it, fold it, wrinkle it and rip it. I then scan the print back into my laptop and edit the scan in Photoshop until I think I have a finished piece.

What's your favourite design you've worked on in the past few years?

One of my favourite pieces is called “At The Core”.  A distorted print of a German Shepard with rips of coloured paper revealing at the core “please love me”. It’s a piece I was scared to share at first and it seemed to resonate with people.

What advice would you give to someone going into the design field?

It’s a tough field that takes a lot of energy out of you. My main piece of advice would be make sure you always have a project you work on strictly for yourself. It keeps gas in your creative tank and keeps you sharp for you 9-5 or freelance work.

What are you listening to right now? (maybe send across a playlist or album via Spotify)

I’ve been listening to mostly bands recently, Charly Bliss, Soccer Mommy, Beach Bunny and always Oasis. Guppy by Charly Bliss has been my go-to album recently. It sounds like if you went back and time and replaced Rivers Cuomo with a female singer.

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