Q&A with Paolinoshka

Pauline Rochault aka Paolinoshka is a young artist navigating between graphics, urban art and illustration.

What are your current inspirations right now? 

My sources of inspiration went upside down, like for most people, after lockdown. I’m someone who draws a lot from his environment. Being locked up in the same room for 2 months could have been really frustrating. Innocent things that I would haven’t noticed in normal days, become super references to me.

For example, the fruits and vegetables packs and labels. These logo designs are often really kitsch and come with a font that makes Power Point’s world-art ridiculous. Or even the signs and storefronts of the seedy bars from my neighborhood, that I didn't necessarily took the time to look at. 

How did you initially get into illustration? 

I would say it started at school. I was drawing Dragon Ball Z’s characters for the boys from my class.

Your five favourite books/magazines right now?  

I've currently been re-reading The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono and With my best memory by Françoise Sagan, two odes to life and the great outdoors. Regarding magazines, I don't actually read any particularly apart from Brain magazine or Kiblind. I actually collect magazines most of the time to cut them up and make collages than to read them. 

You have a really specific style in your work, how did it come about? 

Thank you so much!

For the record, this style came to me because of something I don't wish upon any creative person. I had to develop a new universe because someone else had the annoying habit of copying my work, voluntarily or not.

Following this I decided then to make a 180°  and restart everything I had done, to be able to reinvent myself. I have developed a new, much more angular trait. I worked on colour in a new way and even changed themes. I think, in the end, it was worth it because I was able to really create a very personal graphic style .

What does your creative process look like? 

I do scribbling in notebooks a lot. I write down words that means to me, I quickly draw compositions or subjects on post-it notes and then I do them again, bigger on sheets or digital. 

What are your plans for the future with your work? 

I’d like to be able to put 200% of my time on my illustrator work, collaborate with clothing or objects brands, do scenography, work with friends but before all continue to share my work and my passion to the maximum.


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