Introducing Bistro Boys - 'The new age food reviewers'


We spoke to Marcus and Jakub of Bistro Boys about their food based instagram page and their plans for the future. 

What made you start the Instagram page?
Marcus - We wanted to start a food blog that wasn’t high contrast photos of burgers dripping with cheese. It’s undeniable that this food looks tasty, but it’s pretty soulless, right? Originally our focus was on British food (fish and chips, pie at the footy, full English breakfasts). But we quickly realised that diversity is what makes the UK so great. The Friday night Indian is an ingrained part of British Culture.
Nowadays, we’re on the lookout for independent and locally sourced food that's been made with care. Places with history and tradition, “grandma cooking” as we like to call it. We want to work with as many illustrators and photographers as we can, it's all about building a community around cooking.
Who are your top five chefs?
Marcus -
  1. Anthony Bourdain

  2. Rick Stein

  3. Nigel Slater

  4. Jamie Oliver

  5. Keith Floyd

  1. Fergus Henderson

  2. Mario Batali

  3. Dario Checchini

  4. Francis Mallmann

  5. Gennaro Contaldo

What is your favourite dish? (both of you)
Marcus - I'm a big fan of fish pie, it’s one of those things that you don't eat very often but when you do it never fails to hit the spot.
Jakub - It’s hard to say, my favourite dish to cook would be a slow-cooked ragu, nothing beats filling the house with a rich smell like that. To eat out, lamb shank and stewed lentils.
What is the best restaurant you've eaten at recently?
Marcus - The last place that I ate before the lockdown was Chez Coors, a Jamaican buffet in Nottingham. My body must have sensed that I wasn’t going to be able to eat out for a while because I ate 4 plates stacked high with fried fish, macaroni, callaloo, rice and peas, and spicy potato.
Jakub - Sexy mama loves spaghetti in Nottingham. By far my favourite place to eat in Nottingham, if you’re there make a visit. They really knock it out of the park with Italian cuisine.
Do you think fashion and food are heavily connected?
Marcus - Whether people realise it or not the food we consume is a form of expression, much like clothing people use it as a status symbol. Someone who is eating steak and lobster at the Shard or eating at Instagram restaurants like Sketch is clearly trying to tell us something. 
What are your future plans for the page?
We’re working on releasing a magazine that focuses on independent restaurants, distilleries, and shops later this year. Each issue is going to be regional, spotlighting different areas of the UK from the Peaks to the coast. We’re also planning to make the jump over to Youtube in the near future.
With the Coronavirus situation at the moment, we’re going to keep the page popping with home cooking. Money that we would have spent down the pub is going into home cooking and natural wine.
We are pleased to announce the guys of Bistro Boys will be providing monthly recipes for the Bene Culture blog. Sign up to our newsletter so you don't miss out!

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