Black Lives Matter - What can we do to help change?

Last month, a man by the name of George Floyd died due to Police brutality.

The injustice has infuriated ourselves and people around the world. But has reignited the push to stop Police brutality and led to peaceful demonstrations to promote black lives matters.

Everyone is asking themselves..What can I do to help create change? 

1. Donate - See below various links to charities and funds

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Black Lives Matter

George Floyd Memorial Fund

2. Educate Yourself on this injustice - See below a list of books, tv shows, films and Instagram accounts. 

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race (Book)

Black and British: A forgotten history (Book)

I Will Not Be Erased (Book)

Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire (Book)

LA 92 (Film) 

The 13th (Film)

Selma (Film)

Malcolm X (Film)

The Black Power Mixtape (Film)

Do the right thing (Film) 

Boyz in the Hood (Film)

When They See Us (TV Series)

History of the Civil Rights Movement (Youtube)

Any work by the author James Baldwin

3. Sign Petitions - Click here for a list of numerous petitions you can sign to help out

4. Support Black-owned businesses - Click here for a Google Document filled with Black-owned businesses  

5. Repost information on social media - Repost images from protests from yourself, other people and allow the conversation to continue

More ways you can help

Whilst we have supplied the above ways you can help, the main thing we can do is not let this be forgotten within a couple of weeks. We need to see real change. 

The Bene Culture team x  


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