Bene Recommends 001

Here's a list of some stuff we loved this week!

THX 1138 

Whilst George Lucas may be more well known for his work on Star Wars, one of his best pieces of work is the Robert Duvall lead THX 1138. Set in a futuristic totalitarian state, THX 1138 (Robert Duvall) is a mindless drone, his mind and body sedated by drugs, drudgery, and really bad television.

The super minimal style of the film is far from what you expect from Goerge Lucas but it provides a great platform if you are struggling with a creative block. 


9:23 Freestyle by The New Consistent

The recent release by Benjamin Ramsey (The New Consistent) hits the spot extremely well due to the topics it brings up; which matches the UK's current situation regarding COVID-19 and a lot majority of the UK having to self isolate.  

Listen below :

A Day in Digbeth by Luke Maitland 

The Birmingham based graphic designer Luke Maitland created a little magazine going through various key spots in Digbeth including us. Check his stuff out below and our feature.

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