Bene Eats by Bistro Boys : Posh Pancakes Recipe

Following our interview with the guys at Bistro Boys, they will be now providing us with recipes through our new series called Bene Eats. Check it out below. 

The Bistro Boys: Posh Pancakes Recipe.

This is a Christmas special in my house, so it feels a bit weird to be writing about them in April but we wanted to start our Bene Culture recipes feature with a bang.

How extra you want to be with this recipe is really up to you, we appreciate that not everyone has the time to cure salmon or 2 days!


  1. Mix 175g buckwheat flour with a teaspoon of bicarb and some salt. Add some melted butter or oil. Throw in an egg (or two if you’re feeling generous) then whisk.
  2. Add milk of your choice and whisk until the consistency is like thick cream. 
  3. Heat up a cast iron griddle and grease with whatever fat you fancy. Pour batter, one fat tablespoon at a time onto the griddle. Wait for bubbles to break on the surface then flip over and shove into the oven to keep them warm.

Scrambled egg:

Mix egg and milk and scramble in a pan. Ideally you want these to be runny but it’s your choice. 

Vodka cured salmon:

You can use any shop bought smoked salmon but if you really want to go the extra mile you can use Nigel Slater’s cured salmon recipe like we did. This requires marinating the fish in vodka and beetroot for 2 days.


Mushrooms fried in butter, it really is as simple as that.

Homemade tartar sauce: 

50/50 yoghurt and mayonnaise, a generous handful of capers, gherkins, and fresh dill. 

Load up your pancakes sky high with all the ingredients and shove it into your gob with one gluttonous bite.

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