ARL Collaborations

So what is ARL Collaborations and why did you create it?

I formed ARL Collaborations (@arlcollab) to give me the opportunity to join forces with other creatives, and form a sense a unity through one feed. The project runs remotely, and consists of an alliance between two to three creatives over a 6 days period to produce 6 posters.

Becky Howson and my involvement with both BCU Print Club and BCU Typewrite workshops have played (and still play) a huge role is my ability to form this project so cohesively.

What have you found out from doing the project?

ARL Collaborations so far has been an exploration into the limitations of creative collaboration between creatives and creative people, acting as a real celebration of individual commitment to craft. The idea that this project can form working and real relationships is a real driving factor for me running it. There is also a beauty to knowing the next creative can completely turn around your poster design, so I think Ive ended up taking this into consideration through out my design process. 

Check out a selection of posters from ARL Collaborations below (and make sure to give the page a follow).

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